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Guangbo Group won the third prize of the tax knowledge competition of the big enterprises in the district

2018-04-28          Views:638

This month is the twenty-seventh tax month in the country. On April 26, Haishu district tax bureau and Haishu district land tax bureau jointly organized an income tax preferential policy knowledge competition with a theme of "hundred enterprises contending". 64 key tax source enterprises, large scale enterprises and group companies sent representatives to participate in this activity.

It is reported that the theme of the competition is mainly focused on the preferential policies of corporate income tax. The competition is divided into two rounds, two rounds of required questions and one round of quick response, setting the final rank with the score.

During the competition, Xu Qiongxia and He Yanxuan, who represent Guangbo, played a steady role. Facing the host's continuous questions, they were calm and steady. Not only showed excellent professional quality and solid learning results, but showed a good spirit. The excellent performance of the two people not only won the applause from the audience, but won the unanimous praise from the field judges.

The competition was fierce. The rank of Guangbo team was always in the forefront, only in the last part of the quick response to be overturned by other teams. Finally, the two representatives of Guangbo Group won the third prize. They said, "It's still a bit regrettable, If play better, we can get a better ranking. We’ll try to come again next year.”

After the award, these two people said they had gained a lot in the competition, having learned a lot of tax knowledge and also improved own professional level. They will continue to learn the relevant knowledge in the future. At the same time, they can use more professional skills to serve the company.

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