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Guangbo held first quarter quality analysis

2018-04-25          Views:670

On the afternoon of April 25, Guangbo held 2018 first quarter quality analysis meeting. More than 150 people from the production and domestic sales system attended the meeting. Group general manager Wang Junping, deputy general manager Dai Guoping attended the meeting. Jiang Zhuguo, the general manager of the industrial company, presided over the meeting. 

At the meeting, the staff of the joint stock company and the quality department of the industrial company reported on the quality operation of the first quarter of 2018 through actual cases and data analysis. They pointed out the problems in procurement, production and other aspects. At the same time, they also put forward the monitoring of every link, strengthening the guidance and supervision of the production of each process, speeding up the training process for related personnel and other effective measures and suggestions for improvement.

 The commendation link of the "star squad leader" and "star employee" in the first quarter of 2018 was also included in the conference.The selected 20 winners accepted commendation and took pictures.

Later, Dai Guoping gave the speech. He emphasized, product quality is closely related to the market competitiveness of the company. And the market competitiveness of a company is closely related to the immediate interests of every employee. So all the employees in the company have to do it from themselves. Establish a sense of quality and standard, guarantee the quality all the time. Meanwhile, the branches, departments and workshops should also pay close attention to details, strictly control process operation, and strive to make Guangbo manufacturing become synonymous with high quality.

At the end of the meeting, general manager Wang Junping made a summary statement. First of all, he thanked the vast number of front-line employees for their efforts in improving the quality of products. He said that with the concerted efforts of all of you, the quality of the company's products has been greatly improved compared with last year. He demanded that the majority of employees should form a sense of product quality centered, make efforts to improve product design quality and process level. Look up the quality problem carefully and find out the problem points, carding one by one and solving one by one. Besides, management cadres should strengthen their understanding, study the requirements and specifications of quality management, pay attention to the solution of market complaints, learn from successful experience, and properly handle disputes. In strict control of the production process, standardize the after-sales service, achieve all-round upgrading of product quality on the basis of effective summary of problems.


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