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Guangbo organize senior management quality enhancement training activities

2017-08-17          Views:734

From August 16 to 17, Guangbo Group held a two-day training activity with the theme of "enterprise management quality promotion" in the multi-function hall. This training was taught the teacher from Jianfeng management technology training school. Middle-level cadres of the group's production modules participated in the training.

At the meeting, the training teacher explained how to formulate clear and detailed work plans, how to carry out effective responsibility, how to establish managers’ authority and how to broaden the communication channels between the upper and lower levels through vivid cases and language. It made the middle-level cadres’ management thinking further improved. Not only that, at the meeting, the training teacher also let cadres play a "pyramid" game. Further help them understand the relationship and importance of planning power and team performance.

This training activity is interactive and has good atmosphere. Many participating cadres showed that they have benefited a lot. Management capability and level have improved again. Next, the management work will be done more efficiently

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