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Guangbo hit new sales on double eleventh day

2018-11-13          Views:543

Under the background of banners, on the evening of November 10th, Guangbo ministry of electronic commerce once again welcomed the "double eleven". Group company general manager Wang Junping and other senior leaders of the company came to the electricity supplier department, cheering up for those who fight on the front line of double eleven. And this time, the business department's small partners are also responsible, once again created a new growth in sales growth.

On the spot, senior leaders of the group handed out red envelopes to every employee who insisted on his position, thanking them for their hard work and dedication during the double eleven period. Encourage them to develop their spirit of struggle, strive for good results during the double eleven period, and add bricks to the company's annual goals.

In order for this double eleven, Guangbo ministry of electricity began to prepare for it six months ago. First of all, at the stock and logistics links, according to past orders, the shortage of goods and the lack of prompt delivery, colleagues of Guangbo ministry of electricity raised the delivery speed of the stock and packing speed this time. At the same time, through scientific management, make the supply chain flow more smoothly than before, and the circulation time is shorter. Secondly, by introducing the Xiaomi intelligent customer service system, successfully improved customer service recovery efficiency and accuracy. During the peak traffic period of double eleven, automatic response to customer request processing for 1 or even 0 seconds is realized, greatly reducing the loss of customers, ensuring the efficient processing of orders. In addition, by participating in various domestic and international exhibitions, successfully launched its brand Kinbor and Fizz's popularity and reputation. A large number of loyal fans have been trained to provide a guarantee for the sale of double eleven.

Where there is a will, there is a way. This year’s double eleven, Guangbo ministry of electricity has once again achieved the goal of "one year and one progress". Sales increased by 27% compared with last year, among them, fashion life stationery brand Kinbor is the most eye-catching performance, sales in Tmall increased by 60% over the same period last year.

In recent years, Guangbo has taken a firm stand after the gradual efforts in the field of electronic commerce. With webcast, offline activities, multi store linkage and so on, it has successfully established a fixed fans group, and realized the rapid growth of online sales. At the same time, relying on products with precise positioning, rich cultural connotations and attentive service, it has gradually established good reputation and been recognized and loved by the market and consumers. In addition, market segmentation has been further developed through personalized products. Next, Guangbo will continue to exert power in the field of e-commerce, striving to become a leading enterprise in the field of stationery and electric business in China.


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