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Guangbo held 2018 fire training exercise

2018-11-09          Views:519

To reduce fire risk and ensure the safety of employees and property, and reasonably response to fire emergencies at the same time, on the afternoon of Novermber 9, Guangbo Group security committee in conjunction with the Shiwa Street Security Institution held the annual fire training exercise.

In the conference hall on the second floor of digital company, firefighters from Ningbo fire detachment gave a lively lecture on fire safety knowledge for staff representatives from all branches of the company and village security staff in Shiqi Street. Fire officers and soldiers introduced in detail the methods of self-rescue and escape, such as twisting sheets and evacuating against the wind, as well as professional knowledge of fire control. With vivid examples, we can understand the importance of fire protection. 

In order to let everyone experience the escape scene, the company organized trainees to conduct simulated escape exercises. In this part, with a thick smoke diffuse, staff representatives used towels to cover their mouth and nose. Under the guidance of fire officers and soldiers, along the designated corridor, in the "dense smoke", orderly and safely evacuated the "fire scene".

After the exercise, the township firemen also carried out a friendly fire fighting competition. Although it is not a formal match, the teams participating are still struggling. The fire fighting task was completed at the fastest speed. 

After more than 2 hours of training and drills, the event was successfully concluded. The activity not only popularized the consciousness of fire safety for the majority of employees, but enhanced self-help, self defense and emergency response capabilities. It enriches everyone's fire safety knowledge and lays a good foundation for the company to carry out safety production.


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