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Paper products no.2 branch and no.4 branch merger strategically

2018-05-24          Views:826

Guangbo takes a major step in deepening the reform in an all-round way. A few days ago, Guangbo held a meeting. It announced the strategic merger of the two and four branches of the original paper products. Comrade Wang Feiyun, the former director of the original four branch of the factory, served as the director of the factory.

It is said that the merger is a strategic decision made by the Party committee and the senior level of the group company based on the next stage of development of the company.It is the Group's active breakthrough in the diversified market. It is also a major step in the context of comprehensively deepening reform. It has a significant and far-reaching impact on Guangbo deepening stationery industry and taking root on the long-term development goal of the market.

Through merger, the new branch will further promote effective integration of resources and efficient management of personnel, realizing zero distance sharing of technology, equipment, and order. And it will focus on improving overall performance, strengthening quality control, unifying management model, improving the organizational flexibility of production, focusing on problem analysis, error correction guidance, strengthening on-site improvement, motivating employees and other aspects. Optimize the production line and personnel management of production line. Strive to achieve the goal of "combining efficiency, increasing energy and increasing production", as well as the long-term goal of "win the market by brand, win the reputation with quality, and win the future by innovation".

For a long time, Guangbo has been committed to efficient and concise production system construction, and high and fine quality product strategy. This factory merger is such an attempt. Next, Guangbo will continue to explore innovation. On the basis of effectively increasing the production capacity of the production line, further enhance the product's internal brand competitiveness and market competitiveness, so as to further promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


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