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Guo Bo, vice minister of the propaganda department, visit Guangbo

2018-04-27          Views:669

On the morning of April 27, Guo Bo, vice minister of propaganda department of Haishu district, visited Guangbo Group. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary and chief executive officer of the group's Party committee accompanied.

Guo Bo and his party visited Guangbo’s comprehensive historical exhibition area, stationery products exhibition area and e-commerce exhibition area. They had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s evolution and business development over the past twenty years. And for the innovative fashion stationery products under Guangbo’s banner, Guo Bo and others showed a strong interest. They also asked about the production process, target audience, sales and so on in detail.

At the subsequent symposium, Shu Yueping reported on the current overall operation of the company. He sowed, in recent years, facing the severe internal and external economic environment faced by manufacturing enterprises, Guangbo has actively explored the path of innovation and development. It made efforts to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. It has opened up a new world in the field of fashion stationery. The next step it will continue to explore further development strategies.

Guo Bo said that Guangbo Group as the leading enterprise in the stationery industry in China, should continue to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, continue to increase innovation, and strive to contribute more to the economic development of Haishu District in the future. 


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