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Guangbo stock held the tenth meeting of the sixth session of the board of directors

2018-04-16          Views:957

On April 11, he sixth session of the board of directors of Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd  held the tenth meeting. The meeting was convened and presided over by president Wang Liping. The meeting should be attended by 9 directors and actually 9 directors attended. Among them, Mr. Shi Guangyao and Ms. Yang Fang, the independent directors, participated in the meeting by way of communication. Company supervisors and senior management attended the meeting. The meeting was held in accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations,normative documents and the relevant provisions of the articles of association of the company.

By a vote at the board of the conference, passed 21 bills and resolutions “2017 report on the work of the general manager”, “2017 report on the work of the board of directors”, “the financial accounts report of the year 2017”, "2017 annual profit distribution plan", “2017 full text and summary of the annual report”, “2017 internal control self evaluation report”, “2017 social responsibility report”, "<2018-2020 years for the next three years > plan for shareholder returns" and “the motion to invite the company to hold the 2017 annual general meeting of shareholders”.

The directors of the meeting said that in the new situation, the company must bear the mission in mind. Grasp the opportunity and consolidate the foundation. Make full use of its own advantages and actively complement its own short board. In the great wave of economic transformation and upgrading, we are constantly exploring and forging ahead. In order to achieve Guangbo’s diversification and high-end development, we should push ahead.


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