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Guangbo Group held 2017 annual commendation conference and Spring Festival gala evening

2018-02-12          Views:972

The rooster send auspicious, rejoicing in canine. On the afternoon of February 12, in a happy atmosphere, Guangbo Group 2017 annual commendation conference and Spring Festival gala evening kicked off. Group senior leaders and about 2000 workers gathered together, looking back on the achievements of 2017, looking forward to the vision of 2018, congratulations on the new Spring Festival.

At the conference, group President Wang Liping gave the new year greetings. He said, in the past year, facing a series of adverse factors, such as intensification of external market competition, constant adjustment of domestic industrial policies and continuous rising of prices of bulk raw materials, the group unified thoughts, closely around the guiding ideology of "seeking for a change and seeking a new economy based on industrial innovation". Opened up a new situation of capacity expansion and efficiency of new materials industry, increasing vitality in the new economic field and the development of traditional stationery manufacturing industry. The diversification strategy of the group company continues to push forward.

He stressed that in the past year, group company not only gained the growth of benefit and the depth of industrial layout, but through the deepening of internal management, let employees enjoy a decrease in labor intensity, income growth, amateur life and other development dividends. In the new year, the company will continue to take the interests of the staff as the starting point to carry out various work, improve the well-being of employees and increase the employee's happiness index.

Later,Shu Yueping, the deputy secretary of the group company's Party committee, announced the list of awards of 2017 advanced collectives, excellent management cadres and advanced workers. Kinbor team these two units have won the title of the advanced group. Wang Xiangming these 22 people have won the title of advanced workers. The top leaders of the company gave awards and photos for the winners respectively.

With the end of the advanced commendation, the new spring festival gala evening officially opened.The opening dance has suddenly aroused the atmosphere of the whole field. Brilliant light and great music that makes the whole scene feel the splendid glory of Guangbo. The song "where the time goes" suddenly pulled the time back to the past, showing Guangbo’s development and brilliant achievements in the past 25 years. A lively, passionate dance "panama" showed the energetic and innovative spirit of Guangbo people. The chorus "2018 we'll be busy" shows Guangbo people's expectations of the new year. The drawing link in the program is more to push the atmosphere of the party to the climax. Apple, HUAWEI mobile phone, LCD TV and other awards, exciting programs and interactions won the applause of the audience.

With the song "blessing", the new Spring Festival gala evening fell to the curtain. Employees expressed their blessing of Guangbo’s future. A new year, a new journey, a new expectation, let us use a solid step to get out of a more brilliant and brighter road. 

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