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Guangbo launch the Spring Festival condolences

2018-02-07          Views:904

At the arrival of the spring festival, Guangbo Group held symposium on difficult employees, sending warm condolences and blessings for nearly 40 employees of the Group company in winter.

At the meeting, nearly 40 difficult workers took over the condolences from Shu Yueping, deputy party secretary of the group Party committee. Shu Yueping, said, the difficult workers are always the most concerned group of the group company. Hope they’ll face life and work with a positive attitude.

For a long time, Guangbo Group has paid great attention to the living conditions of the difficult workers and insisted on doing practical work for the difficult workers and sending warmth. Through this condolence, the difficult workers truly feel the care of the organization and the warmth of Guangbo, this big family.

After the condolences, the difficult workers were grateful for the deep concern of the company's leadership. They showed that they would not fail to live up to the expectations of the leaders, to overcome the difficulties and to do a good job.

Every year, before the coming of the Spring Festival, Guangbo will actively carry out “giving love, sending warmth” activity. Not only send consolation and blessing to the difficult workers, but give them hope of life. Besides, Guangbo also actively participates in other public welfare undertakings. It has accumulated donations amounted to over 50 million yuan for the community.


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