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Guangbo Group held 2018 departmental work planning and budget confirmation

2017-12-30          Views:967

In order to effectively summarize the work of the past year, scientifically plan for a new year's development, rationally implement the development goal of the new year, on December 27, Guangbo Group held a four-day 2018 departmental work planning and budget confirmation. The senior leaders of the group, the relevant person in charge of the controlling company and the various departments participated in the meeting.

The meeting lasted 4 days. At the meeting, the leaders of the companies and the plates made a detailed introduction to the general assembly of their own management from the aspects of production cost, business income, cost expenditure, personnel structure and management method. The analysis pointed out the shortcomings of the existence and the improvement measures. And combined with the actual situation, put forward the management target and work plan of 2018.

The top leaders of the group made a summary of the meeting. President Wang Liping affirmed the achievements of the company in many aspects. He pointed out, under the background of the current transformation and upgrading, the company, the system can obtain these results is not easy. At the same time, each department still need to guard against arrogance, continue to seek development, and create the future together. Finally, he stressed that 2018 was an important year for the development of the group, the key year for the transformation and upgrading of the group. The personnel of all companies and plates need to make reasonable goals and implement them effectively. Work hard to realize own value and to create value for the company as well, to greet the coming 2018 with the most enthusiastic attitude and the most full spirit.


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