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Suqian secretary of municipal Party committee Wei Guoqiang and his group visit Guangbo

2017-08-14          Views:529

On august 14, Suqian secretary of municipal Party committee and director of the NPC standing committee Wei Guoqiang and his group visited Guangbo Group. Group president Wang Liping and general manager Wang Junping accompanied.

Wei Guoqiang and his group visited the boutique book workshop, the first floor and tenth floor exhibition hall. For Guangbo’s exquisite workmanship, quality and diversified development strategy, Wei Guoqiang impressed and praised again and again. He also asked for details about the process of making individual products. Wei Guoqiang expressed his admiration for the achievements Guangbo has made over the years. And showed that Guangbo’s years of adherence in the manufacturing industry, and continuous exploration of new areas are key to its success, which is worth learning and drawing lessons from other enterprises.

At the ensuing forum, Wang Liping welcomed the arrival of Wei Guoqiang and his party. And he introduced in detail about Guangbo’s development situation in recent years and the next step of planning. He showed, in the complex internal and external environment of  recent years,Guangbo positively transformed and upgraded, tested the new field. It has already made certain achievements in the field of new materials and electricity suppliers. Wei Guoqiang expressed his approval of Guangbo’s plan for the future. He hoped Guangbo can guard against arrogance, continue to increase the pace of transformation and upgrading, gain better results in more fields.

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