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Guangbo held enterprise management literacy training activity

2017-07-18          Views:529

On the morning of July 17, Guangbo Group held a theme for "enterprise management quality promotion" training activity in the multi-functional hall. This training is given by the teacher of Jianfeng management training school. Middle-level cadres of the Group's production modules participated in the training.

During the one-day training,the instructor used vivid examples, easy language and a witty manner to give the lesson. And from combat oriented company quality management, education and training, statistical analysis method, P-D-C-A management circulation, standardization, management by policies and objectives, department daily operation management, operational organization and diagnosis of actual combat TQM these aspects, combine theory with practice, taught the key points of enterprise management to middle-level cadres.

The training’s atmosphere is relaxed and interactive. After the training, many middle-level cadres said they have learned a lot. Management level and comprehensive quality have been further improved. Next, they will apply what they have learned in class to practical work. 


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