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“Star of Guangbo” selection results announced

2017-07-16          Views:548

On the afternoon of July 15, Guangbo Group held 2017 second quarter star employees and star team leader commendation meeting in the multi-functional hall. Group company vice manager Dai Guoping, deputy party secretary Shu Yaoping and Jiang Zhuguo, general manager of Industrial Company attended the meeting and awarded winners.

At the meeting, Dai Guoping, Shu Yaoping and Jiang Zhuguo awarded honorary certificates to 20 employees from various branches. They are Jia Lungao, Wang Yaoping, Ran Yundong, Zeng Xianling, Chen Xiaojun, Wang Sansan, Zhang Gaofeng, Zhou Hailiang, Jin Xiaohong, Fu Zhipeng, Dai Hongchi, Zhou Jian, Liu Dadu, Zhu Peihua, Wen Jingfen, Xu Lijun, Chen Zhangnan, Li Lingling, Guo Guangshun and Liu Xia.

Later, Dai Guoping made the speech. First of all ,he extended congratulations to the award-winning employees. He aslo showed that 6 star team leaders and 14 star employees elected by this event are the best in their respective positions. They are not only excellent in their business, but also very good at processing and colleague's relations in the ordinary work. Therefore, they can stand out in the selection activities.But the winners still need to guard against arrogance and rashness, treat the future work with the common heart. Dai Guoping emphasized, other employees should learn from these star team leaders and star employees. Compare and find own inadequate. Observe more and learn more. Study more and try to improve own level.


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