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Guangbo express condolence to the front-line employees in hot weather

2017-07-15          Views:562

In recent days, the sun is blazing everywhere everywhere in Ningbo, and the temperature remains high. In order to complete the production target, employees of Guangbo Group braved the heat of the summer to fight on all production lines.

To deliver care to front-line employees in a timely manner and send them cool, on the morning of July 14, Guangbo Group deputy party secretary Shu Yaoping and his group visited the factory, warehouse, canteen and other fields. They sent drinks, towels, medicines and other cooling purposes supplies to front-line employees fighting against the heat. Meanwhile, sent them the group leaders’ condolences and care. 

At the scene, Shu Yueping asked in detail about the situation. For example, is there ample supply of refreshing products? Do the fans operate properly?Are there any reasonable schedules in each workshop? Are employees suffering from heatstroke?He asked the relevant person in charge of the factory and workshop do well the heatstroke prevention work. In the case of ensuring the health of the employees, carry out the production work. Meanwhile, he also urged everyone to take good care of the health. Under this premise, deal with the job in the best possible condition.

All the time, Guangbo Group has been very concerned about the staff and put the interests of employees in the first place. Every summer, Group leaders will send cool and condolences to front-line employees. This sympathy activity has also received the staff's consistent high praise and the warm welcome. Many people said they would welcome the next job with more enthusiasm.

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