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Guangbo small adorable baby, fun ink painting

2017-04-08          Views:444

On the morning of April 8, on the first floor of Guangbo Group, the lobby was filled with laughter. Group invited the "Sheng Sheng school" volunteer team and Professor Chai Xiaohua, from departments of fine arts of Ningbo University, bringing a parent-child activity to open up a fresh outlook of ink painting to the group staff and their children.

At the beginning of the activity, more than 30 adorable babies can't wait to pick up their brushes, writing and painting on pieces of paper. Their painting postures were very vivid: some were squatting, some were kneeling, and some were lying on the floor. Their way of taking the brushes were also different. But no matter what, everyone was serious. 

Different from traditional ink-wash painting, there's no limit to what you're painting in this event. Children can use their imagination freely. Looking far ahead, you can see children's "Pegasus meteor" works, like painting bus, own father, flowers, house and even "abstract" works. These immature paintings made parents laugh. “I want to take it back and hang it at home.” A parent said with a smile, pointing to the portrait painted by own child.

Professor Chai Xiaohua, from departments of fine arts of Ningbo University, gave the children advice. “Compared with parents forcing their children to learn ink painting, it's better to play 'it' in this way.” Not only can play the child's imagination, but can gradually develop their interest in ink painting.”

All the time, Guangbo Group has paid great attention to the amateur life of workers, often giving them a variety of cultural feast. And this activity let many workers and their children closer. Meanwhile, let children realize the fun of ink painting. 

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