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Municipal People's Congress Haishu center group to visit our company

2017-03-28          Views:436

 On the morning of March 28, about 50 people from Municipal People's Congress Haishu center group came to visit Guangbo Group. NPC delegate, Guangbo Group President Wang Liping received warmly and accompanied them.

The delegation visited Guangbo Group’s sample exhibition room and exhibition hall. Accompanied by the staff of the group, delegates seriously understand the history of Guangbo Group’s development and change, as well as the variety of innovative and best-selling products. For Guangbo’s all kinds of new products, the delegates showed great interest. And some representatives also asked about the detailed production process.

For Guangbo’s continuing to test the water for new industries, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading, the delegation highly praised and fully affirmed. The delegation said, continue to explore from the traditional stationery industry to the media, electricity providers and other industries, Guangbo’s successful stories deserve many companies to sum up and learn.

In the following forum, President Wang Liping introduced Guangbo’s current situation and the operation of the next step to the delegates. He showed, while doing a good job in the stationery industry, Guangbo will also continue to take solid steps to industrial transformation and upgrading’s deep water area. And taking this opportunity, let enterprises continue to explore innovation on the road of diversified development. Meanwhile, President Wang Liping also emphasized, making the enterprise better and bigger at the same time, Guangbo will also continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations.

At last, the delegation had a thorough discussion and exchange on the current hot issues.


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